German-American Industrialpop

OUT NOW: Lipstick Lie!

OUT NOW: Lipstick Lie!

German-American Industrial Act Y-Luk-O will release their next video single “Lipstick Lie” on Valentine’s Day 2017 (February 14).

“Lipstick Lie” a powerful and subtile blend of Industrial, Electronic and Metal. The soundtrack and video alternative for Valentine’s Day for those, who are bored to watch 50 Shades of Grey in cinema.


Alexis von Kirbach and the film crew have proved their artistic stamina for “Lipstick Lie”, because the production took eight months of repeated recordings in various locations and situations. In total, an amount of 160 GB (approx. 85 hours!!) of HD video material has been filmed. There are alternative cut versions of the video that may be released in the future with remixes of the song.

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