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Videoshoot for “Communion”

Videoshoot for “Communion”

During the past four weeks Y-Luk-O has been very busy. Bandmember Yluko came from Boston for video shoots for three songs of the forthcoming EP “Autark!” and the new Y-Luk-O album. Simultanuously the band worked on finishing mixes in the studio as well as to plan and optimize the live-setup. The nights had been short, days full of energy and inspiring. Impressions of the video shoots and all other activities can be found on Y-Luk-O’s facebook page. Y-Luk-O Facebook Page.

We took some shots at the “Communion” set for you to present some impressions – more will follow soon…

y-luk-o_communion_set2 y-luk-o_communion_shower y-luk-o_communion_set1

Y-Luk-O thanks the entire staff and actors for the wonderful time and excellent results

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